About Codebrief

Codebrief is written by me, Tony Traina. I’m a law school graduate, and love analyzing how technology is impacting culture and the rest of our lives as humans. There’s a ton of great content on the internet – the trouble now is wading through all the bullshit. That’s what my newsletter is for; it provides a weekly roundup of the best stories from around the internet, analyzing how technology is impacting culture, retail, and the rest of our society, with a little commentary to synthesize it all and identify the trends of the moment.

Additionally, I’ve become more interested in watches, and while there are some great dedicated horology sites, I don’t think they’re holistic in their coverage, and certainly not geared towards the average American with 2.2 kids and $57k in yearly income. So, I’ll be writing more about the booming world of mechanical watches.

If you’ve got questions or suggestions, feel free to reach out to me. In the meantime, follow me on Twitter for the occasional lukewarm take.